(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Queen Of Oars

There is a lasting benefit to growing up poor.
And dealing with the 'guts' of reality.

One carries a perception...
That to observe closely every detail of one's life,
A lot of time is saved from wishful thinking.

And before crime became one's sole purpose for living...
Those, in the early days of struggle,
Benefitted by not taking things for granted.
Like the basics...
And a roof over one's head.
Those were the days before fantasy became the rage!

Like truth...
Is a thing people rather not discuss.
It is feared.
You can not show enough of it.
It still will not be believed...
As an anchor which rescues.

People purchase things they do not need,
Or can afford today.
But can buy with good credit.
Or what's left of it.
Having a plastic card without a dime in one's pocket...
Will throw a nose higher in the air,
In any shopping mall!

I overheard a conversation about the current devastation.
One was in total disbelief,
That the economy was bleeding.
The other was a woman who professed her hopes,
That the 'ship' would not sink!
She didn't appear to be cracked on dope.
She was going to shop for jewelry...
And look for bargains to purchase a 'mink'.
In July?

I could not help but think...
'She is not even blinking.
Poor thing!
She must be medicated to the brim.
At least to the brink.
Could she actually afford,
That kind of 'bling'? '

So many are living in a world they ignore.
And I approach to interrupt,
Those two in discussion.
And without apology I stated...
'I have a message for you both.
Your ship 'is' sinking.
Believe it...get a row boat.
Neither one of you need a mink.
Even delusions will not float.
One of you I annoint, Queen of Flights of Fancy.
The other I declare, Queen of Oars.
The crew will never be bored! '

Of course...
I had no choice but to leave immediately.
When they both began to scream loudly,
For security!

And I did not feel guilty at all...
As I continued to stalk the mall!
Observing those treasuring their packaged 'things'.
Unaware of their dwindling dreams!
In times that seem...
So remarkably bewitched.
As I amuse myself surrounded,
By so many who have been...
With their materialisms addicted!

Inspired by:
One of the most positive thinking people I know...
Frances Jeffrey McAlpine Sharp
Hartford, Connecticut

'Thank you, Ms Frances.
You are, indeed, a gift of inspiration.
Yes, we have had our 'moments'
I can not deny you are 'blessed'.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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