AC (16 Nov 1953 / Jammu)

Queries In My Mind

Was that
a word or an arrow you pierced my heart with?
was that
happiness or sorrow I would start my life with?
was that
kindness or cruelty, with which you tried to reason?
was that
the beginning of summer, or the start of the cold winter season?
were you
my dearest friend, or my bitterest foe?
would I be able to come back to you?
or would I have to let go?
were you
wishing your words unsaid, or was I forgiving?
was i thinking,
its better to be dead, than carry on lifelessly living?
Alas my life will end some day......
and so will yours...
will I keep on dying day by day?
and you keep on living?

by Arti Chopra

Comments (2)

Nice emotion filled poem. Thank you.
Love the grand querie of the mind and heart. Nicely done.