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VK (22 July 1986 / New Delhi)


Poem By Vidushi Khera

Directionless as the air, with nowhere to go.
Suspended like a particle with knowledge all around.
Yet unable to bring together things…aside, above and below...
Only capable of carrying the nothingness that is found.

Turning into liquid which takes the shape and understands…
The intricacies of its surroundings, yet with no form of it’s own.
But at least it learns and shapes itself to the knowledge at hand…
And with a gust of pointless air, is not so easily blown.

Lo and Behold…it musters itself to form a solid mass…
Visible as a shape, tangible as a form, has an identity – a body like gold
A body of knowledge that it has amassed
And now holds it’s own without support – reaching the zenith of its existence in this world

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Good poem, Vidushi.One of your better ones. There are some problems though.Shall I critique?