***************quest Beyond And Within***************

green sates as rain streaming on its skin
gloss by dazzles cries in joy endearing
as quest bestirs to seep glimpse of grin
we feel shower of glow filling peace to glitter

eyes meanders wending into horizon along
pasion enlightens to embrace spring to behold
waves of ocean rip through sands to awake spark
as soul sees semblance in mirror surfing in blue

heart serenades untold by the gleams of love
passion blossoms into rune of dream unrestrained
as the brims of stream entunes by haste to flow
warmth engrosses onto gleams in revealation

oh the light of love let me bow down by glaze
glow awaits to redeem by rays of hope tomorrow
earth yet bewilders in night by dew of darkness
does tear still flows to encounter lurid solitude?

by Dr subhendu kar

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