Question With No Answer?

Because he gives what he gives
Does that mean
I should not ask for
What he does not give?

Because he does what he does
Does that mean
I should not ask him to do
What he does not do?

Because he is who he is
Does that mean
I should not ask him to be
The person he once was?

by Laurie Van der Hart

Comments (4)

Not easy to face. In this poem The problematic truth and pain Come thru, line by line Pace by pace, Pain fills the space. So sorry. In one way or another most of us go thru this.
whoa! laurie. this poem with its simple questions is a missile! ... i am relating it to my own marriage, and the main thing that comes to mind is the knowledge of my own faults, short-comings, etc.- how at different times in prayer what i was shown was own stuff. of course it's the heart that matters; what is there? is there kindness and all the things that most surely speak that the God who is love finds lodging there? you are all in my daily prayer. -glen
Pertinent questions dearest Laurie. Well penned. A great poem by a poet of note.
Wonderful questions are wisely answered in each line. Loss gives pain but love builds relationship. Wisely penned poem is shared here.10