Questionnaire On Aspergers

Ever been lost but in a place you know?
Ever had the freedom but not the strength to grow?
Ever known the answer but found the question hard to follow?
Ever felt joy but had the appearance of feeling sorrow?
Ever felt unable;
To perform a simple task?
And when help was in reach;
Felt to ashamed to ask?
Ever felt the stares, of everyone looking on your face?
Ever felt that you, were always out of place?
Ever wondered why people do the things they do?
Ever questioned why you don’t do the same things to?
Ever sensed that you were an outsider looking in?
Ever felt guilty, of unknowingly committing a sin?
Ever wondered if you had an unknown disease?
Ever felt left out as with everyone else you appease?
Ever hoped that there’d be an end in sight?
Ever realized you’re questions will be answered when the time is right?

by Sam Price

Comments (1)

i ever did and ever do. and always want to hide. i'll bang my head with gash or two, it calms my stupid tide. for there is a tidal wave of emotionless thoughts. and a tidal wave i haven't caught. but with a net, i'm in my boat. ready to catch, i hope i float!