I have wants and I have needs…
But sometimes I wonder what you think of me
How do you feel when I’m gone?
Or maybe you don’t even notice…
Am I in your dreams?
How do you feel when you leave?
Do you want me for more than you bed?
Or am I just another person for sex…
Do you really need me?
Or is that just a sweet line…
Do feel for me?
Do you reach out for me in the middle of the night?
When you kiss me what do you think?
When you look into my eyes what do you see?
If I cried what would you do?
If I died how would you go on?
Am I special?
Or does my body make you weak?
Am I what you’ve always wanted?
Or is it only that way for me?
My heart is skips a beat when I see you…
My soul reaches to feel your warmth…
But, still what are we doing?
Are you wondering the same?
Or is this just a game?
Do you ever think about lies?
Or do you look past false words and just try to make this right?
What will we become?
What will I do if you deny my feelings?
Why can’t this relationship be perfect forever?
Or can we make it perfect?
Can you tell me one thing?
When I ask these things does it make you think?
I’m here and I want to know…
Is this real?
Or is my reality mixing with my dreams…
I’m not sure but, all I know is when I spend the night alone it feels as if something is missing…
I wish you could be there every night…
Holding me, kissing me, being with me
Right now this is my life
And I wonder if we should even try?
I think sometimes we find ourselves entangled in these feeling and I lose sight…
But knowing one thing makes me feel alright…
Your laugh makes my world bright
I have needs and I have wants
I need you and I want this to work no matter how hard we have to try…

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