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As I sigh my last breath
Embracing sleep for all time
Did I squander the moments
Did I live my own life
Was my reflection to the world
An image of lies
To be what they wanted
Content just to hide

Was there life without boundaries
What I dreamed I could touch
Did I learn from my failures
Was my faith strong enough
To see beyond limits
To never give up
Knowing true wealth is measured
With friendship and love

Did I open my heart
To those that I know
Did I reach out my hand
For a stranger to hold
Did I cherish the simple pleasures in life
Did I dance in the rain
Did I greet a sunrise

Will I be remembered or forgotten
With the passing of time
Was I kind to this world
That I leave behind

Kevin D. Fix

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Hi Kevin, This is a very deep and powerful critique of one's own life and it's impact upon others, what a shame that we never get to hear the answers whilst still here. I wonder how accurate our own answers to these questions might be, probably way off the mark I suspect. 'Nice' work. Neil.