ID (30 May 1990 / Bulgaria)


I'm walking past a door...
I think I've been here before?
I don't remember if I was alone,
Or was there someone with?
I think it was you.

Should I run away?
Maybe go someplace else?
No, I don't think so
this is something I will have to face!

It's just memories...

Now there's a borderline dividing you and I,
a bad seed that I planted...
So now for a while I can't be as close to you,
and there is no more use for the tangled hobby
I once used to do.

Should I just pretend i have forgotten?

It's ok...
That's what the voices in my head say.

I've been twisted by intuition and reality
so I can't get myself straight again.

So what good will a gun to your head do?
What's the use of killing a nightmare
then yourself too?
How many second's has this nightmare left to live?

Will you know what happens after you're gone?

Or maybe...
What you fear is being left alone?

So for how much longer will you be depressed?
For how many days
will you keep it locked up in your chest?
How many people around you have to pass?

How many questions have you still got to ask?

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Rudyard Kipling


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