Poem Hunter
AS (12-19-52 / Boston Ma.)


'What is life all about if one day each of us will die? '
Allow me to share my thoughts and hopefully tell you why
I will occasionally have to stop; for my soul must have its time to cry.

The question is eternal to never go away for it comes from within our soul
Tho critical and important it is the response that makes us humans part of the whole
Recorded inside our mind everything said, seen and believed, or told.

Hopefully to put on the new and discard the old
Energy is what holds us and earth together; so I have been told
Peaceful yet consistent demonstrations before the body gets cold.

Death is a condition each one of us will have to render
To reliquish the body but our soul of energy never to surrender
Judgement to renew life or not but; earthly time; we will not remember.

The male has had his singular time to rule
You who bring forward the genius of humanity have been treated as a fool
Each one of earth's children given by God, is a heavenly jewel.

Man had hd his time to be in charge and soon the female it will be yours
Your effort to improve the lot of all chlidren; is a God given and worthy cause
Exculsivity must be replaced with inclusion as part of man's laws.

The male mind of thought to persecute and prosecute found a home
Not to understand the word exculsive; stood for seperate, apart and all alone
Believers in violence and cruelty whose deeds are etched on cold, cold stone.

My story had its beginning as a resident in my mind
The obvious is obvious but it is by questions, the answers we will find
Faith and belief are the words of yesterday's men; who too often were blind.

If one does not ask then how can the truth we know
One does not need a dictionary or bible to understand the word sow
Are we naive, ignorant or afraid, to plant a seed in our minds; and have it grow?

The human mind must be fed and used to communicate with your God
Christ was 'the son of man'; who rightly deserved; to be called Lord
The physical human body is destined to become part of the sod.

At judgement each of us will stand alone
Earthly biographies are always written on graveyard stone
Unless our thoughts and actions were of evil intent; we need not atone.

10-6-05 Aho Speaks

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