DS (12/17/83 / Soeul, South Korea)


Why do you hurt me?
What did I do?
Did I say something mean?
Did I offend you?
Why do you beat me?
I really must know,
Have I acted obsene
Or do you want your anger to show?
Why do you treat me
As if I'm not there?
Why do you act
like no one cares?
Why do you laugh at me,
and call me names?
Why do you get
Your pleasures from my pain?
Why do you smile when I moan,
And giggle when I cry,
Why can you see that you make me feel,
that I only deserve to die?
Why don't you answer
these questions that I ask?
Are there too many to reply to...
Or is it a really hard task?

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Comments (2)

touching poem... its great
Great emotion in this. High tempo anger and a bit of wit about it at the end. Do THEY really know why?