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When can I see you again?
Will you come back to me…
And take away my pain?

Baby …
The world without you is too terrible
That I don’t know how to tell
There is no heaven around,
All I can see is hell.

My life without you is too bad
Everything that was beautiful,
Is now ugly.
Everything that was inspiring,
Is now sad.

Did you really love me?
Did you think about me one day?
Or your sweet words were only things you used to say!

I dream about you every night,
I see your face everywhere.
Please tell me,
Why don’t you ask about me?
Why don’t you care?

If you don’t want to come back,
There is only one thing I want you to do
I want you to tell me,
How can I live without you? ? ? ? ? ?

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Damn i just had a shity day today and damn this poem just made me happy in a sad way! its just soo inspiring! keep up the good work mein!
ur poem was so sad i love i really do