Poem By Denver Fredericks

how she turns my world
how the revolutions mold me
how she touches nothing
but tickles everything
how she warms my heart
with the slightest blush
how it pleases me
why she please me
why does the warmth touch me
why does it caress
deep inside of me
why could it pour forth
in bountifold
why does it please me

when will it be
when could it only be me
when could I have
the reins to her heart
when will eternity last
for only us
when will it be
which god have I pleased
which strings have been pulled
which of my prayers
have been answered
which angel has been given
to be by my side
which promise kept

where have I lost
where have I placed my heart
where are all those feelings
generated for you
where can this go
all the way forever
where do I sign

answer my pray
answer my plea's
answer and grant me
all you have to give
answer I beg
and forever will be true
Answer and please

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