mommy oh mommy
i have a question for you
where do butterflies go when they sleep
where is olaf....our ever so protective dog
why is he still outside
can i please oh please can i let him in
oh mommy i know i said one question
but i have a bunch more to go
why do owls fly at night
can i have a baby brother or sister
is he going to be my new daddy
what's wrong mommy.....please don't cry
i love you mommy
but i have so many questions for you
i know i am only six
but there are so many curious things
in this world for me to see and hear
why do bees buzz and why do they sting
why do spiders have to be so scary
i don't like snakes...but why does olaf have to attack it
oh mommy do you have answers for these questions
i just want to know the answers
because of how curious i am
i know i am so full of questions

(written for my daughter MistyRaine: I love you baby girl)

by Grace Hays

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Very lovely, Grace. Those kind of questions are so sweet. From one mommy to another, Lesa