MS (January 1,1991 - Current / Little Rock, South Dekota)

~questions? ~

Why Am I here?
How many times have I ask this question?
It's an answer that will never be answer.
Why Do I Exist?
Why Do You Exist?

The meaning of life they are still trying to figure out.
Do they even know what they are looking for?
And How Will They Find It?

What Am I Living For?
Do I leave for the pain in life, the freedom, the hatred, the love, the sadness, the despare, the announce?
What is my reason?
I would never know?

Why do I have to love?
Is there a reason that can be said?
When out of the relationships one will be pain.

Why do I even have to try?

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it is a great poem and i can feel what you were feeling by writing this. congratulation my friend and good work.... i loved it