Poem By Rhiannon Scase

How can I hear the silent?
How can I calm the violent?
How can I see the invisible?
How can I think the unthinkable?

Why can't I reach the unreachable?
Why can't I touch the untouchable?
Why can't I believe in the forbidden?
Why can't I find the deeply hidden?

Who will rescue me from this pain?
Who will help me out of the rain?
Who will sacrifice their inner desire?
Who will be ther to help me inspire?

None of my questions have been anwered, why?
Is it because in the end we'll only die?
Then who can live without these answers? Not I!

Comments about Questions

Rhiannon as much as you and I would like ultimately there is little we can say or do to change or other people. We must settle for doing all we can to change ourselves as much as possible for the better.

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