Questions and a Prayer For a New Born Baby

So, here you are once more - in a brand new perfect body;
An old soul with a brand new life to explore.
And my mind is filled with so many things I want to ask you,
So many questions that I've forgotten the answers to.
I don't want to ask you about your future, because who can
honestly say what lessons the school called life will bring
to you each day.

No, I want to ask you about the world you lived in before
coming back here.
Not your body of course, but your spirit my dear.
You see, it's been a long time since I was in Heaven last,
Although I know that by Heaven's calendar not much time
at all has passed.

But you've just arrived through Heaven's door, escorted
by an angel as you were before.
And I feel sure that if you could speak you'd enlighten me -
Reminding me of the splendour that's Heaven's beauty.
But then, if you did do that I guess it could be true
That I might desire to go back home before my time on
earth is through.

So yes, perhaps it's best that whilst our souls live on earth
They forget the beauty they dwelled in before their rebirth.
And one day baby dear, sad as this is to say, for you too
Heaven's beauty will slowly fade away.

And when this sad time comes I sincerely hope and pray
That faith replaces your memory and your light shines
bright each day.

by Faye Diane Kilday

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