DT (3rd January 1956 / LONDON, UK)

Questions And Answers

My head is in the stars
my feet deep in the earth
and my heart, it beats in you.
The answer often lies
but a question can be true.
The question has the answer
the question is in the stars,
is in the earth, is in the heart.
Be careful of the answers
that seem to lie in you.

by David Taylor

Comments (7)

give comprehension questions
Quite mesmerising and meaningful.... Wonderful poem and an inspiration for all, David Taylor. It certainly does sound like a father is giving his child advice.
What a joy to read this seemingly simple verse, underlying this seeming simplicity theme is a thousand questions, and, as you warn, though the questions are everywhere the answers are deceptive and come from within the soul of the questioner. Wnderful work - a joy to read your poems it is.
Questions and answers and my heart beats in you~~~~~~~sounds like the love of a Father for his child.......for indeed it is your heart that beats in him, , , , , no greater love................beautiful...........marci..xo
Your work provokes thought, and inveterated analysis....Makes for great poetry... Sokid crafting David. F.J.R.
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