Questions Now Wanting To Ask

Those who have questions now wanting to ask,
With an urgency today just as outdated...
When answers were available,
In those times long gone...
For the ones wishing to relive to dig up the past.
Should, but don't look in mirrors to 'see' themselves.

Taking for granted,
People and what they do to assume...
Doesn't leave one's mind much room,
For clarity to replace a wasting of time...
While those who have procrastinated,
Demand updates to find no one...
Awaiting for them with that kind of patience.

And any questions requesting to now ask,
With assistance given...
In which one wishes to play a game of 'catchup',
Will not allow excuses for accusations to use.
For the purpose to blame on changes coming too quick.
When many have chosen to ignore them to exist.
And those who live life just to drift,
Should keep this in their minds remembered...
Only fools will choose not to pay attention.
With a doing to give of an undivided focus.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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