ALK (4/6/87 / Bath)

Questions Of Grife

They say we bring nothing into this world
And we take nothing out.
But this is not quite so true.
Cos we do bring love in this world
And we do take love out.
That we can be sure of without a doubt.

Dad my darling Dad I miss you so.
My tears though they are mine they arent on show.
I cant stop loving you Dad I just dont no how.

In this world you brought love and affetction.
And you made me me.
But you had to leave me how could this be?

Life can be cruel Dad
And life without you is sad.
But I try to remeber the life you had.

Time is no healer.
Death is a dealer.
of sadness.

Forever in my heart you stay.
My love for you does not sway.

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