Questions Of Madeleine

Questions of Madeleine

Where are you playful, darling child?
Where have you been this long while?

Who fills your empty little tummy?
Who tucks you in bed at night?

Who gives you sweet loving kisses?
Who hugs you and holds you tight?

Who helps you comb your soft hair?
Who helps you dress up just right?

Where are you sweet darling one?
What are you thinking tonight?

What things do you dream about?
What thing do you fear the most?

What do you cry yourself to sleep for?
What do you pray... what do you hope?

Where are you... hopeful, trusting heart?
What are the answers only you know?

Will we be blessed to see you once again?
Where are you- precious Madeleine McCann?

Please pray for this child and her family:
Madeleine McCann disappeared on the evening of Thursday,3 May 2007 in the resort of Praia da Luz in the Algarve, Portugal, just days short of her fourth birthday.

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Nice one loyd