SM (Apr 02,1976 / California)

Questions Of The Mind

Today, tomorrow, yesterday & back again.
As it is, is as it always should be. Where do
these beliefs that bellow from my present,
past & future self ricochet from?

Are they but a reflection of self doubt & saddness
or are these beliefs the reflections of what I see from
the mere closeness of those around me? What could
my today hold that my yesterdays have somehow relayed,
may I ever break the cycle that I see?

Will it or is it but a tremor of my destiny to follow the path that preceeded the day before me? Can I & will I repete all the
reflections of the sorrows that I have so effortlessly placed before me?

But as all questions cycle through my mind the one question
I have that plays repetitiously in my minds eye at each days end remains:

'Are my today's, tomorrow's & yesterdays doomed to come full circle again? '

And as always the return answer of my mind is:

'It is as it always should be, ' and then the saddness grips
me forever here I'll be.


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hey its gud buddy bt ur format u cud take ur time n rite it like poem. c'mon u can its gud just the presentation! ! ! thats it... try out my poems...not so gud bt jus an invitation... ur name Sharmila i thot u were an indian...a gud name..take care