Questions, Questions

Questions, Questions
They lie without answers
Seeking knowledge
On the other line
Growing and growing
The anxiety increases
Time never seems to pause
Or so I think
Waiting a long time
In this long line
For the ride that has begun
I just want a yes or no
So I really have to know
Before I exit
To another ride
Knowledge, Knowledge
Of what's unknown to me
Drowning my soul
In the unkown
Darkness, Darkness
Is what I'm in
I could go either way
Make a new life
Or end the one I'm living
Why can't you let me know the answer
Can't you see
It's killing me
Being indecisive
Not knowing which route to take
The questions have overcome me

by Bianca Lauren

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Another good poem by you. Nice job.
Another good poem by you. Nice job.