Questions Repeatedly Asked

What has made listening to comprehend,
A major undertaking very few do with intent.
Even in the middle of a thought to mention,
For it to come completely with it said...
Someone will interrupt it,
To begin another topic to start instead.

Understanding means nothing to those flapping lips.
And they are the ones later confused,
By pieces of a puzzle they can't seem to get to fit.
With questions repeatedly asked,
That would make a curious child throw up hands in disgust.
And walk quietly away to the nearest exit in a rush.

There are more people protesting to do to make claims,
For reasons they wish they could find to explain.
And those pouting with frowns,
With folded arms across their chests...
Have chosen to be negative to display this expressed.
Since they believe they are entitled to be upset 'and' depressed.

And no one wants to listen to do it to comprehend.
Or be told that their ignorance prevents conflicts not to end.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

Comments (2)

despair and disgust, perhaps, if the child is aware ignorance is ahead for itself in adulthood
there is something very hidden, musically in this poem that is incredible. a person investigating or trying to what is it that is making conversations so false, but a person investigating not scientifically but somehow from behind the lines or within the communication itself. there is a mysterious thread being pulled but not be artifice by really wanting to know what is going on behind all this shape shifting. I love the quality of this poem. Please keep writing all your life. Whether people understand/accept what you are doing or not. This is something real. God Bless... Mary Angela Douglas