Questions To Ask

Answers given.
Whether to be accepted or not.
From questions to ask them.
Will not stop questions,
To ask.
Even if the answers remain unchanged.
And questions forgotten.
For what they were to have meant.

"Why don't you answer my question? "

-How? -

"With an answer! "

-Your answer?
Or mine? -

"That's a question."

-I know.
I'm waiting for your answer.-

"To your statement?
Or to my question to have asked? "

-I answered your question.-

"How? "

-With a statement.-

"Your statement was a question.
That was not an answer."

-What do you expect?
Quotations with exclamations!
Periods where commas should be?
Or would you prefer your questions,

"I am lost."

Even though it took longer than I expected.
We have achieved an agreement to understand.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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