(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Quick Fixes To Satisfy

Getting rid of those experienced,
To refuse what it is given to readily dismiss...
With it declared unaccepted,
As an offering to refuse to then disrespect.
Can be compared to valued gems that are genuine.
But kicked to the curb as a custom kept preserved!

If no one is aware of what is there in their presence,
As an opportunity that benefits without strings attached...
They will always seek that which impresses,
On a surface that represents a glitter presented.
And with a bling that matches for eyes to attract.
Yet no depth that is connected to a serving,
Of a longevity to keep illuminating bright,
With a kept sparkle that shines everywhere day and night.

And this a routine too frequently seen...
Comes to eventually upset the ones,
Wanting more to feed their temporary needs...
And not a future to address when their cupboards are bare!
But even their voices...
Begin to irritate those with minds teased by impatience,
With a getting of quick fixes to satisfy that taste for greed.
Not self worth or integrity!
But greed.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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