Quick Of Lip And Short Of Thought

Destroyed by appearances.
And values on the surface...
That have no depth.
A quality of life has been sacrificed.
Devisive measures have assisted the blight.
There are still those bickering over racists insights.
And their ignorance has expedited conflicts biting...
Further into poisons to bring them all demise!
Since the foundation that supports their allegations,
Is in need of desperate repair...
And has cracked with wounds!
Leaving hatred and bitterness,
To sink their luxurious ship!
Exposing themselves...
To be quick of lip and short of thought!
And agreeably their own worse enemy.
Nourished on 'mad cow' and polluted pretense...
That justifies this nonsense,
With an applied nonstop ignorance!
That seems more and more a way of life accepted.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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