(1946 / Arkansas)

Quick Retorts

Very often, when I’ve been in a group
Of folks who enjoy making smart remarks
Not for maliciousness, it’s all in fun
But, still, one needs a quick retort

For me, I’ll usually think of one
‘Bout fifteen minutes after everyone’s gone
And wonder “now why didn’t I say that”
But, by then, it’s too late, they’ve already gone

This one old boy that I’m around a lot
Seems always ready with a smart remark
It’s not very often he ever gets stopped
But, one got him good with a quick retort

It was when this fellow comes back to work
From his honeymoon with a great big grin
Old “Smarty” got ‘em cornered in the crowd and asked
“How many times on your first night, friend?

Now, the boy’s face turned strawberry red
And old “Smarty” figured, he’d gave him a start
But once he got over the initial jolt
He said “two times, Smarty” and he stuck his chest out

Old “Smarty” reared back and said, “on my wedding night,
Me and my wife, twelve times, we went at it”
The boy, straight faced, and without hesitation
Said, “well, I reckon my wife just wasn’t used to it”

Copyright C R Clark-3/11/2008

by C R Clark

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Three cheers for the boy and his really gooood retort! ! Very nice write Richard ! ! ! *10*! ! Friend Thad