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Quick To Be Thoughtless
(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Quick To Be Thoughtless

People who believe themselves to be influential,
And dismiss the activities of others quick.
Assuming what has been done,
Will not affect where they sit...
Or come not to experience the wrath of one,
Victimized by their wickedness...
Only need one time to be shown,
Who's boot fits the foot that kicks them out the door.

Just one time does it take,
To clarify this kind of mind with an introduction to reality.

And to their surprise,
The one who does this...
Was the first to have offered a welcoming,
With a warm assistance given.
Who knew that the one self obsessed,
Would perceive the one expressing hospitality...
To be the one picked as dispensable?

You know...
Someone believed trying to impress.
And someone who one best is thought...
Can be done without.

So disturbing are the minds of those who are...
Quick to be thoughtless and fast to raise a nose.
Too late,
Come the lessons for some to learn...
Like those who believed they are chosen,
When applying a respect that should not be selective.
And they 'assume' someone near,
Can do without a bit of political correctness.
Based upon their 'perspective'.
And undenied and unstoppable 'arrogantness'.

'Excuse me,
Your Highassness...
I don't believe we've met.
But if you expect to stay around here...
Your way of doing things,
Will not be done around me.
Is that clear?

I am not so charitable when offended.
Or dismissed by stupidity.
But I do love the process of giving warnings.
Some I know wouldn't bother!
How fortunate you are 'they' are not 'me'.'

~What are you saying? ~

'I'm quick with the use of my feet.
And you don't want to see either foot in action.
Since that would create unnecessary distraction.
But eventually you will get the point I make.
I've grown increasingly patient.'

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