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Quick To Deliver The Flavor
(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Quick To Deliver The Flavor

From my own experiences to live,
And witness to eventually comprehend...
I have come to recognize,
An opportunity when it is presented.
Whether the outcome is positive or negative.
The result leaves one with a lesson learned.

All opportunities should leave 'something' achieved.
Even misdeeds done to others,
Have their benefits to not at first understand...
Who is left the most deserving.

I remember those days,
Being driven into a rage.
To not understand,
How to replace my craze with faith.
I had let my 'cool' crank up into a boil.
Heated to please someone loving my steam.
Until I was told I could control my blood pressure.
With a stopping to feed what others enjoyed.

'Stop fighting against the ignorance of others.
If you know you are being baited into an argument,
Identify the reason why.
The only way to win against ignorance,
Is to not feed what ignorance seeks.'

What does ignorance seek?

'An appetite to leave someone else feeling stupid.
Many who pick arguments are not mentally secure.
And they wish to feed their insecurities to others.
To smother them in anger.
With that done to feel good about themselves.
If you notice this,
The more obvious it gets.
Be quick to deliver the flavor.'

You mean 'favor' don't you?

Be agreeable.
Immediately that taste they wont expect.
And it will be shown to them known,
Who has the better of a self respect kept.
If you notice this,
The more obvious it gets.
Be quick to deliver the flavor.
And not the one whipped up into a frenzy.
Say nothing and just stare.
With head tilted and eyes up in the air.'

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