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Quick To Finish Mentalities
(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Quick To Finish Mentalities

It's not how one starts.
But how they finish.
With a focus to produce quality,
A standard to value that seems to have gone.

Although those accustomed to mediocrity,
With quick to finish mentalities...
Rush to make impressions first,
To thirst only fame and notoriety.

'I know I am late and I apologize.'

~I assigned this task three days ago.
You are the last to arrive.
And that surprises me.~

'I wanted to produce my best effort yet.
Not only just to do it.
But to keep a promise to myself,
Made years ago that I can not forget.'

~Let me say this as you lower your head,
Your presentation and commitment to quality...
Is above and beyond my expectation.~

'But I...'

I only have one suggestion to make.~

'Okay. I'm listening.'

Even though the others rushed through their tasks,
Is it possible you can teach them what quality is?
Is that too much from you for me to ask? ~

'I don't know if I can teach it.
It has to be what someone wants.
It has to be a desire and felt required.
Regardless of a time given for a test to pass.'

~I see.
I have no need for those with quick to finish mentalities.
If I paid you to produce consistent quality for me,
What payment would you accept? ~

'We can negotiate.
I don't want you to get addicted to my best.
To have it left to believe I'll accept less payment.
I have no interest in having my ego massaged.'

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