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Quick To Flee From Evil
(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Quick To Flee From Evil

I've got my past dues paid.
From streets well seasoned.
My life,
Has found a new release!

Got off a high horse dead!
Beaten down to relieve me.
I didn't understand it then...
But now I walk free,
Without pity handouts teased!

It hasn't been an easy breeze,
To know the taste of defeat.
It 'has' been a struggle,
Just to keep my faith.
Decreasing stored grief...
Prepared to dropp my tears,
With frowns
Down on saddened cheeks!

And within me,
Was a strength concrete
Held onto...
With my beliefs!
This fresh outlook I took that appeals,
With a brightness felt!
That began to show and reveal...
A growth within me,
I could nolonger conceal.
And there I was...
As I am today!
Quick to flee from evil!

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