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Quick To Hide What Is Not Wished To See
(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Quick To Hide What Is Not Wished To See

When fear becomes greater,
Than the payment to keep it under control.
This generates an expensive undertaking,
That never seems to diminish in threats.
Nor does it get a chance to grow old...
With updates made to entice legalized,

And we insist to keep fear resisted.
No matter how enormous our appetites....
For the taste of blood gets,
From front seats.
When in the midst of creating conflict and fear,
We endear the thought of horror stories...
With snacks to munch.

And eyes covered with buttered stained hands,
Are quick to hide what is not wished to see.
As minds adapt to multi-tasking!
While preferences to remain locked in boxes,
Keeps the security industry alive and thriving...
To frighten and spook as well!

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