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Quick To Say No
(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Quick To Say No

One once to rush,
With a saying of yes.
Learns as time passes,
An expectation...
Of one's reliable giving grows.
Leaving them more to comprehend,
And begin to understand...
The definition and meaning,
Of who takes for granted...
An easily giving of a helping hand.
Until those nibbles become bites.
To invite disrespect.
And this is a promise,
No more 'nibbles or bits' this...
Will anyone again get.
'That's it. Enough. I quit.'

One once to rush,
With a saying of yes gets old.
And so does the meaning,
Of being taken for granted to let this go.
Although the doing quick to say no.
Has its guilt to feel at first.
But after the 2nd and 3rd time said to do,
That 'no' to say...
With 'That's it. Enough. I quit.'
Becomes as if fresh air.
Or fuel to use.

With this to notice to say it before,
Time to waste it...
Is understood by others,
Either getting no response to calls.
Or knocks on doors.
Not to ask anymore,
Whatever it is.
Expecting to hear a 'yes'.
Instead of a disappearance,
Of one left with deaf ears.
Without an explanation!

Quick to say no.
'That's it. Enough. I quit.'
And one's mood and attitude,
Seems to be lifted with added benefits.

Who knew the saying of 'no' felt so good! "

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