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Quick To Sniff Sabotage
(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Quick To Sniff Sabotage

Do not select me,
As a means or reason...
To inflict your insecurities.
You will not be pleased,
By the response you will receive from me!

I enjoy my cashews raw, unsalted...
And with raisins.
And if I am trailing in a mix...
I 'may' add dried pineapple.

You see,
It's like this...
I've never been one to run away from conflict.
Nor am I one to whisper in listening ears,
With tainted lips.
To insight drama,
Where none had existed.
If drama is what is sought...
I will ensure to drag inappropriate activities,
To centerstage.
With patience as one of my virtues.
And a mind that is quick to sniff sabotage!

Stripped bare of mystery.
I do not do 'who-done-its' well.
I am direct and quite specific.
And spend little time analyzing BS!

Sometimes in the receiving,
I become overwhelmed with my giving!
Especially to those,
Who have proven to be more than deserving.

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a warning that does tell one no messing with you