JDE (7-31-94 / wilson county)


Suga you are quiet and thats no lie,
as if your sound could ever die.

Do you ever say a word,
not was what i heard.

Dont be shy scream loud and clear,
thas wat what everyone wants to hear.

Any louder and we might hear you,
now thats what a voice is suppose to do.

Now let me speak loud with words not sound,
what i have to say may be profound.

But now the quiet kid is comin out,
Dont say no more 'speak ups' and listen to what i have to say.

Im tired of being the pushover and the quietest,
let that be someone else for a chance.

Im comin out fo my shell today,
so you better listen to what i have to say.

No more tellin me what you gonna do,
its my turn to show you.

Have fun while it last,
cause shes comin out pretty fast.

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