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Quiet Girl
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Quiet Girl

She is quiet at times.
She rarely speak her mind.
She feels like a loner,
when she sits in her corner.
She yearns for a friend,
You know a friend to the end.
Outside the rain,
contrast her emotional pain.
Out the window she stares
wishing someone would care.
She feels cold and lonely inside
she even contiplates on suicide.
She is falling into a darkening pit
and she can't stand it.
She needs release from this hell.
So she cuts, but no one can tell.
That's what she thought.
Until she got caught.
He saw the blade.
He saw the blood stain.
He asked her why.
She started to cry.
He held her hand.
He help her stand.
He quell the rain.
He stop the pain.

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Comments (4)

So interesting to see yourself (the poet) watching a scene unfold as a different perspective and I liked the way you experimented with that.
an interesting thing to write a poem in third person. i liked it a lot...just dont get used to observing yourself as a third party. it will only make it harder to get in touch with who u are.
Or she takes to hospital those who get cut by others... Nice write, thank you for sharing...
Thats sad and beautiful. I love it, really, really, thats awesome. way better than mine! And i used to think i was kinda good.