Quiet Inlove With You

I always dream of having you
i cant take away the thoughts of you
you make me feel troubled always
that drives me through this uneasiness

a smile of yours touches my heart
that makes me restless at night
i cant take away in my imagination
feels like un unfinished mission

how could i overcome?
if this heart calls you to be my someone
how could i tell you?
do you mind if i love you?

i dont know where it start
i just miss you everytime we part
each day we talk, each time we smile
i always give myself a try

to tell you what this heart feels
takes a lot of time for me to rehearse
how could i tell you?
this heart longs for you?

by carla joy cuala

Comments (2)

you're reading my mind again Carla, and i love it, and loved the poem.
Hello, I feel in love also and feel how you described it for me. Yes, that's love, so mysterious and you have done the best in writing it in your poem. Its full of symbolism and metaphor. Its really an honor to read the work of an expert. If you have time. Please read my poem, : Happiness, Intelligence, and Loyalty. thanks much