Report From The Besieged City

Poem By Zbigniew Herbert

Watching your face, and looking
at you while you are napping, eye
glasses proped down to your nose
with book in hand where the last
paragraph took you to slumber land

I touch your silver hair, and softly smiled
as I remembered when we first met, the
warmth in your inviting smile gave my
heart a thump, as I look at you on this
very private moment, my heart smiles
with joy of all the wonderfull years we
have shared together with moments
that were difficult, but lined with so
much love security and happiness

As you sleep on my dear all snugled
up in your own cozy dream land, I will
never love you as I do this very minute
as though it seems, as I bring a soft
smile to my face, I softly kiss your
forhead, gently lie your glasses
on the table, I wonder does it get
any better than this?

Dedicated to my soulmate..........

Comments about Report From The Besieged City

this is sweet... very.. i want to cry.. just a lil... beautiful
a sweet and lovely poem..beautiful...grace
Bonnie this is so beautiful! wow bonnie.. i thinkthis is one of my favorite poems :) just so lovely so.. wow.. no words to describe it.. well done Bonnie! !
great love...great feelings you bring in...great write, Bonnie...thanks...10
No it doesn't get any better. This is bliss! Compromising in love, sharing and caring, fixing up those glasses to know your companion has given the gift of himself, as you have to him, in this lifetime is the ultimate joy. You and he are truly blessed as is your beautiful poem. No one could ever not give you a 10. Karin Anderson

3,5 out of 5
21 total ratings

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