Morning: Making Of E-Commerce Website & Powerpoint

taking the idea from the top
i does a paper draft
as live makes sense
across the lines of the reality
me and you be reliving to further farther into
and how your genes filling?
the RNA better than their last times?
well I know so
especially when moringa by the doses
including nigella sativa cold pressed licked from mini bottle delicious
sipping lavender minty cinnamon alkaline water steamed warmer than no wait a minute just below the 98.7 degrees
as the indigenous human body warms the ummm aahhhh goodness(echoing)
early in the morning
slide for slide
explains the infrastructure of the business onground
recommending to the Barbados entrepreneur their double exposure
to their niche here in lowcountry SC
plus back at their local niche in Barbados
making the business glocalized on a small scale
only sales on-line
and onground none as is
add a column for small conversation non-political
topics based on educational improvision
to the brain
we goes inside prepare for the ultimate rig up
professionally done up and down
we got dem keys
doors unlocked now as they listen to see the rite way now
be the making of another E-Commerce website
explained through slides of a PowerPoint show
really though
as the favor for a favor
showing skill after skill on the resume as entrepreneur on my end
so when they as in the indigenous entrepreneurs do you have experience and examples to show
i got em by the links
marketed and advertised
they can get they click on now
and they can be in amazement now
especially when a trusted source is about to introduce their microfinance version of a local stock market exchange unregistered
ain't playing no games like Maya Angelou
they either gon ban from specific industries for educating the At-Risk Youth on a whole other level
or remain in an enemious state of mindset within their dying existence resisting to jump the fence
cause the space you don't see as your legs land on the otherside gives no break or signs of an end
then you know fo sho you bestah look down to how deep in depth you got yourself into trying to peep without authorisation
trespassing to be criminal minded hoping no-one saw your escape
playing with the negative results of risk management
you never learned or passed the class within the whole entire program certification from that prestigious institution near you dear fool(echoing)

by Cherokee Akan Ewe

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