Quintessence Of Dust

Quintessence of dust
a glimpse in the dusk
a movement that's still
a fragrance that remembers
a time long ago lost.

A glint in the dark
the light on the hill
the feel of a rose
the sense of a chill.

That which we know
deep in our heart
deep in the ocean
deeper than motion.

Dawning in stillness of mind
seeping through dreams
seeping through thoughts
seeping through time.

Stillness so still
ceasing all time
ceasing all thoughts
ceasing the concept of mine

Coming out of a tunnel that's dark
emerging into the light
emerging a new kind of sight
emerging and merging
all into one
quintessence of dust
is all that is known.

by David Taylor

Comments (3)

Clever piece of writing David, great substance and a great read also. Enjoyed it. Love and hugs Ernestine XXX
Well-written profound poem. Thanks.
Quite a poem of myriad emotional sentiments about life! High marks.