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The Car
Herbert Nehrlich (04 October 1943 / Germany)

The Car


The driver

The air
So fresh
With their
Smokes ;)

(Theme: Satire)

Written after seeing a man smoking while driving his car.

Obviously we all know that vehicles do contribute to air and sound pollution with their smokes and horns ;)

Time, health and weather permitting, we should always opt for walking instead of taking our car / bike / scooter or public transport esp. if the distance is short and walkable. I've always loved walking and even in freezing, pouring UK weather, I've ventured out on errands without depending on cars or buses though at times, when my health plays truant, I pamper myself with some vehicular luxury :)

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Keeping up via the Joneses... yes, it makes sense...
It's called the Joneses Syndrome. Keeping up may be too hard so encroachment is tempting.
Love attracts attention wherever it shows, in the heart of man or the kiss of a rose: -) Temptation would be to say, the answer would be to buy heavier Curtains, but that would be a defeat wouldn't it!
I almost know what this means...now what does that mean? :)