To those of you who like to watch
at night through open drapes,
when happily two lovers touch:
Do you like sour grapes?

This looking in amounts to peeping,
but if you have the time for this
it means that your heart must be sleeping,
or would you rather have that kiss?

And 10 commandments Jesus read,
so if you see two lovers sizzling,
seek pleasures in your own soft bed,
or else, your new name would be Quisling.

by Herbert Nehrlich

Comments (4)

Keeping up via the Joneses... yes, it makes sense...
It's called the Joneses Syndrome. Keeping up may be too hard so encroachment is tempting.
Love attracts attention wherever it shows, in the heart of man or the kiss of a rose: -) Temptation would be to say, the answer would be to buy heavier Curtains, but that would be a defeat wouldn't it!
I almost know what this means...now what does that mean? :)