Rose From An Alien Planet

This is how
Cloud clouds blue sky-

Before, my eyes could see
Exquisite elegance of Jupiter's ring.
My mind could hear
Tune of taming flute coming from rainbow land.
My heart could dance
Divine rhythm of flowers and rivers.

But on that day, she came.
Yes, she.
That beautiful rose from an alien planet,
That smiling ray from a shining star.

Her forehead was covered with sweats.
She could have been tired-
Yet, her eyes were speaking
An untold story of an unknown land.
Her smile was singing
Secrets of some unknown paradise.

I felt like
Wiping sweats from her forehead.
O poor sweat,
How could you hide her divine beauty?

Messed up. I was badly messed up.
My sense, my intelligence, my patience-
They disappeared. They all disappeared.
Her sudden powerful existence at that moment,
Extinguished my very own existence.

What was it?
Was it the moonlight in her smile?
Or it was the astral force hiding in her deep black eyes?
What extinguished my existence?

She said,
"Call me, call me when you like."

Yes, I called her.
But she did not respond.
And my heart?
Twisting. Twisting in agony.

This is how
Cloud clouds blue sky.

© Arun Maji
Painting; JWG

by Arun Maji

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Keeping up via the Joneses... yes, it makes sense...
It's called the Joneses Syndrome. Keeping up may be too hard so encroachment is tempting.
Love attracts attention wherever it shows, in the heart of man or the kiss of a rose: -) Temptation would be to say, the answer would be to buy heavier Curtains, but that would be a defeat wouldn't it!
I almost know what this what does that mean? :)