Quit Greed At Top-Speed

Poem By Mailrangam Visvanathan Venkataraman

When greed takes the upper hand
It equals flooding severely the land
More and more of watering is foolish
As grain will never thrive like fish

When in excess grows one's need
There only comfortably settles greed
Little children must have read Midas
To know about arising-from-greed loss

Of course, chances to learn are there
But, mind tries to be always only unfair
Often we must beat our mind strongly
If its movements are made wrongly

If our mind is simply by us let loose
Only to be greedy, we will choose
We need not aim for great growth
If our life will turn rough, not smooth

Contentment is a golden policy
It will make getting peace easy
Dear soul, develop enough attitude
That alone proves you are shrewd.

Comments about Quit Greed At Top-Speed

This is a cery nice poem, Mailrangam. The wisdom in it speaks to the reader. Very well done

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