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Quite A Great Person Indeed

The World was better for him living in it though few knew of his existence at all
In life he did help many people yet his public profile was small
He did not have children for to mourn him and he never did have a wife
He died when in his early thirties and he lived an honorable life
His aged neighbor widowed grandmother Miranda says he was a wonderful man
He helped me out of kindness not for money death claimed him in his life's physical elan
On his work free time helping poor people his kind acts in life quite a few
Though his kind never lauded as heroes and this not saying anything that is new
One always willing for to help out others and who worked hard for his living pay
A victim of a workplace accident he did not live for to grow old and gray
A man who was full of compassion and quite a great person indeed
And one who was only too willing to help one of helping in need
He died at a relatively young age did not live to grow old and gray
That the World was better for him living in it only seems a fair thing for to say.

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