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Quite Angry Dave
DS (29 june 1965 / newcastle under lyme)

Quite Angry Dave

Poem By dave sherratt

this time taking it away i've got a problem
of me getting in the way, not by design
so i take my face and bash it into a mirror
so i'll never see the pain, thats mine

who the hell do you think you are?
trespassing in my home
please do not send your vile words
just please. leave me alone
i'm don fine, i've got my love back
ready to dispense
finely tuned and lots more to share
backed with a lot more sense

Does God ver question why we're at war?
Would He stop it here and now?
Would he take our side, to bring in peace?
And all these evils not allowed.
I'm only soddin' human
Brain to think, soul too mend
Just dropp the huffin' guns you hold?
And make a brand new friend

Bush and Blair should answer
To the war games that the've played
What the huff were you think' of?
Destroying things that we made
Innocent children, mass slaughter of souls
How do you bleedin' sleep?
How do you think that this is right?
As we minions scream and weep.

Wake up that you screwed up
Now the gears have broken down
So who is going to fix this mess
I say bring in, Krusty the Klown!

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