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Quite Another Thing

A Christian in name but not what a Christian ought to be
He says 'tis their own fault people who are in poverty
He does not understand the thing known as life circumstance
People born on the poor side of the town of success stand little chance
The very ordinary man thinks in a very ordinary way
You can tell how a person thinks by what he has to say
He says he has a God to whom he often does pray
There are millions of his kind in the World of today
Many think that one who claims to be religious as a person is quite good
But what it takes to be a good human being by many misunderstood
The praises of the god fearing you may well choose to sing
But for to live as a good person is quite another thing
Some by their own admissions in their ways are quite small
But the broad minded and the fair one believes on a fair go for all.

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