BS ( / Balasore, Orissa, India)

Quite Unusual

It was quite unusual
Since he would never request
For he had no great love for me-
Yet I did not think it important
When he wanted to see me
Being bedridden.

I heard about his general complaints though-
Of neglect and lack of care from near ones
Of ill health and uncertain future
And the stress of ageing.

I'm sure,
He didn't know either-
Future is never an extrapolation
Of the present state.

I left the place
Without meeting him
Even though I had wanted it.
Next time would be
More appropriate to see him
I thought-
When he would have recovered.

Now I feel
He didn't know
Beyond his consciousness
His body was sending some signals
We all failed to decode.

Only after a few hours
Someone broke me the news
That he became silent for ever
Never to use any of the elements of the earth
That sustains life.

Now I realize-
Something was to leave soon
To be part of something else
There is a connection
Between where my imagination goes
And beyond
Above my ordinary comprehension.

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