Quitting Smoking Aint Nothing

Poem By Jimmy Wrangler

Antennas, cables, dishes, and remotes,
Seinfeld, bachleors, Oprah, and some soaps
The world on the tube is a queasy half life
Peoples addiction is such a sad sight
Give me fresh air, long walks, and sunsets anyday
I'll take bookstores, libraries, and Papa Hemmingway
The golf course, the novel, the woodland trail all whisper
'Come be with me, not the one-eyed monster! ''
So please take these verses in the spirit they are given
Turn that nasty set off and go start livin'.

Comments about Quitting Smoking Aint Nothing

Couldn't agree with you more, very well said!
JAMES This poem is Brilliant I just love the way that you have put the lines together great work Cheers Sylvie

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