MPJ (7th Nov.1943 / New Silksworth / Sunderland Co/Durham England)


Basking, enthralled at Jesus’ feet
Devoted deep in prayer
It’s wonderful each time we meet
Knowing my God You’re there

You’re there with love, with outstretched hand
With grace with tender care
Helping this child to understand
That You are everywhere

You kissed my eyes You made me see
You kissed my ears to hear
You shed Your blood to set me free
And draw me ever near

You are The Lover of my soul
My Passion, my heart’s Delight
The Lamp towards my unseen Goal
Guiding me through the night

Quivers run up and down my spine
Excited as ne’er before
Feeling, knowing Your love is mine
How could I love You more?

If I’m asleep! Then let me dream
In peace please let me rest
This love is like a living stream
Through which I’m truly blessed

I feel Your arms I feel Your Breath
Your warmth Your tender touch
Even beyond the realm of death
I’ll love my God so much

For even there! Love waits for me
For even there! You while
For even there! Your face I’ll see
With that same gentle smile

by Michael P. Johnson

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