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Quo Vadis (Whither Goest Thou!)

Had a friend for many a year:
Yet, seldom did we both come near!
For so, within this world of rush:
When, did we from each other hear?
And while we both had telephones:
We very seldom found the time:
To make some contact either way!
In this world of self made values:
That slowly crumble like the clay:
We did vouchsafe our friendship true!
For tarnished gold got in the way!
Tonite, I read the paper here:
My face within my hands, I cried!
"Journey" for my friend was over!
The paper said last night he died!
I called in anger to my God:
"Why should this happen," really be:
"What is the cause of my despair?"
Then from my heart a whisper: Thee!

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